About the Ruth’s

Where do I even begin? 

Many of my friends already know all of the below as I posted it as a “note” on Facebook….. please feel free to skip it if you would like (I did change a few things).

Well I will start nice and short for the first years of our marriage.  Jack and I had a pretty fun and exciting typical marriage.  We met each other in 1996 and got married 9/11/99….  Yes, 9/11… I know… I hear it all the time… haha…  We started out renting places and then in 2003 we decided to purchase our first home.  5/27/03 was the settlement date.  We thought this was going to be the best thing as the company we both worked for was going out of business.  Long story short, we enjoyed living in our nice big house with our cat Milo and a lab Cassius.  Then in July we got a puppy and named her Kamber.  We tried having 2 legged kids for 5 years but it never happened.  Each year that went by I just wanted to keep adopting furbabies.  So a few years go by and we adopt my baby, Cole.  So you can picture we were a happy little family enjoying life…… we went out every weekend… we boated.. danced.. went to the movies.. typical married life with no “children”


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One thought on “About the Ruth’s

  1. Charlene Bittner says:

    love yunz soooooooooooo much !!!

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